Lost Your iPhone, iPad or Android Device? Don’t Panic!

Lost iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

It is nearly impossible to go to any public place and find a person without a tablet or smart phone in their hand. These devices have become invaluable tools, allowing us to keep track of dates and times, take pictures, and stay connected with family, friends, teachers, and coworkers. Losing one of these mobile devices […]


Save Money and Stop Running Out of Data on Your iPhone

Save Money iPhone Data Usage

Many iPhone customers often complain they run out of data before their data replenishes each month. When this happens, it can result in expensive data charges that can make your monthly cell phone bills astronomical. There are ways to prevent your iPhone from using up all your data. Track Your Usage The first thing you […]


Should I Buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

When your choice is the big iPhone, or the bigger iPhone, which one do you pick? The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are out on the market, but there is no obvious high low price differential like there was last year with the iPhone 5’s. These are two quality phones, so what are […]


How Bendable is the iPhone 6 vs Samsung and HTC Phones?

iPhone 6 Bending

Should I worry about my iPhone 6 breaking or bending permanently when I put it in my pocket? Check out this video showing the bend ability of several of the hottest phones out today:


iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 – What You Need to Know


Thinking about buying the iPhone 6? Check out this new video from Gotta Be Mobile looking at the iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6. They have put together actual-size iPhone 6 models based on leaked specs and cases. You may know there will be two different size iPhone 6 models, but what you learn from the […]


Tax Free Weekend: Comparing the Best Laptops for Students


Tax-Free weekend is coming up this Friday – Sunday (Aug 1-3). If you are looking for a laptop, this weekend is one of the best times of the year to snatch up that laptop for school. But which laptops are the best laptops for students? Let’s be honest. Many of the recent computers made are […]


The Ultimate Guide for Using Siri for iPhone and iPad


If you have been wanting to use Siri, but don’t know where to start, iMore has an awesome guide out. It will walk you through anything from “How to set a timer for Siri” to “How to check movie ratings with Siri”. Check it out!


Walmart Drops iPhone 5s to $99 & iPhone 5c to $29


As of Friday, June 27th, Walmart has permanently dropped its iPhone 5s 16gb to $99 and its iPhone 5c 16gb to $29. These are for in-store purchases and apply to new or renewing contracts. You likely won’t get the same knowledgeable sales reps at Walmart as you would at Verizon. However, if you know what […]


How to Free Up iCloud Storage Space


We’ve had multiple people struggle with iPhone popups warning them that they are out of iCloud space. If that is the case, what can you do? How to Geek has some great tips to help with these storage issues. You can check out their article at


iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, & Samsung s3 Price Drop

Our suppliers have lowered their screen prices for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Samsung s3 so we are passing the savings on to you! The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have been lowered $50 and can now be repaired for $119. The Samsung Galaxy s3 glass & lcd repair has also been lowered $50 […]