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Why Repair Ninja?

Find Out What is Wrong for Free
Whether you need laptop repair, computer repair, smartphone repair, or tablet repair we diagnose your problem for free. Drop off your device and if we don't already have a fixed price we will diagnose it within 3 business hours.
Get Your Device Back Quickly

Repairs start within 3 business hours and most of our smartphone & tablet parts are kept in stock. If your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop part is not in stock, we order it upon approval and finish the repair within hours of the part arriving.

Rest Assured. We've Got You Covered
Repair Ninja backs up all repairs with a 1 year warranty to make sure you are happy with your device's repair.
Services We Offer

Laptop Repair

For more than four years Repair Ninja was known as Laptop Geeks. As the name implies, we knew our stuff when it came to laptops and those skills have not diminished. Whether your laptop has a virus, broken screen, or won't come on at all, we've got your back.

Desktop Repair

Desktop repair is often the first thing people think of when it comes to computer repair. We can perform any repair when it comes to a desktop, but the most common repairs are virus removal, power supply repair, and motherboard repair.

iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, & Tablet Repair

In 2012 we introduced our lineup of mobile device repairs. Unlike many other repair shops in town, we keep the majority of our iPhone, iPad, and Samsung product parts in stock. This means we can typically repair your device within a few hours.